Cartoon Gods


George Fluke


Staring out the window at boats on the bay
Wishing I could join them but there’s just no way
Chained to the rock, I can never leave
Once I was chained to you, oh won’t you please
Forgive me

Beat down by every boss who cut my pay
And those fools at the bar who rubbed it in my face
In a desperate act I saw nothing to lose
I’ll write this letter, though there is no excuse
Forgive me

Those promises I made you were my mistake
Then bullets and lawmen stood in the way
Now I have no more need for this cash in my hand
Or that getaway car that never ran

Thought I was lost in a crowd without a face
Till I was caught in a trap with no escape
Now how can I leave this world without disgrace
But I left without you dear
And the best laid plans lay here
While I’m Staring out the window ...


All night driving gonna see some friends
I’ve got three short days they call the long weekend
So had to take something to keep me going
I’m losing sleep but I don’t it’s showing
Showing me I can’t live this way but I’ll make it up
on monday

Well I work real hard but I play even harder
Another year older but am I getting smarter
I’ve been waiting all week for friday to come
Like I’ve been waiting all my life just for that someone
Someone to come along ask me to stay but I’ll have
to leave
on monday

Oh the drive the drive that’s driving me
Though I don’t know where I’m going
I just drive I drive into the night and by the morning
Can’t you see that it just can’t be
It’s just loves’ fantasy but it’s
Been nice knowing been nice knowing
Been nice knowing but I’ve got to go

I’ve got a friend but I’m looking for a lover
Someone special somehow different from the others
I’m dreaming of her now while laying in the sack
And all I can think of is when I’m going back
But I’ll stop this dreaming I know I could
If Sandy would

Oh the drive...
And if it’s been nice knowing why should I leave?


Look where life can take you
oh miss 21
At a crossroads in the city
You light little fires when you
step this way
Run with your feelings

Just a runner
on the road
Just a runner
who loves to fall in love

With eyes of desire
oh I have searched for you
But oh no I’m not insane
Turn the page and see me
I’m the lonely one
Lost in the crush of a new name

Just a runner...

Well the secret at the end of this
road we’re on is that she’s
keeping me around cuz she’s
all alone and though
I’ve been fair and true
to my fog city woman when she’s
looking in the rear view she’s
looking for another

on the road..

Top Of The World

I know that ice can burn
cuz I’ve seen it on U Tube
But what makes mercury move
I don’t have a clue
The people of the north
must be making war
The heat of the furnace
melting the poles

The dog days of summer
at the wrong time of year
The wisdom of the crowd
pushing us to fear

The people of the north
must have turned up the heat
The heat of the furnace
the pounding of the forge
The proof is in the thunder
the hammer of Thor
and the flashing swords
of the aurora

There must be a fire burning on top of the world
Well I know that ice can burn
I’ve seen it on U Tube
There must be a fire burning on top of the world


Pick up
and carry

The open door
let me in before
And led me astray
with strangers I would play
And float in the midst
of each breathless kiss
The open door
The promise of the unexplored

When we first met and played those games
you really jerked me around
But you only meet once so play to keep
and someday we’ll know that
It’s all we have and it’s no suprise
The cradle of arms the flood of the eyes
The touch and the kiss
Tell me is there more than this to prove that we loved

The years of a life
we fill them up in time
And in our own way
we are what we create
Soft when we’re born
Built on metaphor
Forgiven the cost
Searching for the one we’ve lost

Now that we’re here and out of time
did we spend it well
You only meet once and if only love counts
well how can we know

That it’s all we have...

Pick up
and carry

Backward Time

The cafe on the outside
is where you left me sitting
You and your friends were inside
now it’s raining
A cold heart makes me shiver
but what put it to the test
Not my only lover she whispered
under her breath

If I could see in backward time
Then I could see what was going on
right behind me
right behind me
under my

We had that cappuccino
Won’t change the hurt I feel
Will I allways be her shadow
just an extra wheel

If I could see...

I thought we set it on fire
Don’t want to say it’s over
We said we’d set it on fire
Before we say its over


Smoke flies down narrow streets
looking for a lung
Dogs pull on wire leads like
fate pulls everyone
Train pulls us into town
stumbled on a life
Where argonauts and drifters built
monuments of spite

So I fly down narrow streets
greeting everyone
Peering through their house windows
cursing at the sun

I don’t want to be damaged by this town

Cafe open all night long
ticket in her hand
Wind swept fenders lay half
covered in sand

Zepher sits on rusty tracks
I waited for you there
I’ve lost all my reasons
get me out of here cuz

I don’t...

Houses empty soil dry
Where is life dogs cry


Clear crystal goo ga
hanging on a chain
Handfull of herbs
chanel spirits in my veins

Sugar pills make me well

The papers know my birthday
and tell me who I am
My back’s punctured with needles
Science sez it’s just a scam

Sugar pills make me well

Ufology Herbology Phrenology Numerology Yeah
Reflexology Astrology Breathology Mythology Yeah

The irony for believers
is believing makes us blind
We always spill our marbles
when we open up our mind
Sugar pills make me well


We met on the train that takes us back from town
in a crowd with all the others
On a path of leaves we didn’t make a sound
as if we’re walking on feathers

We hummed a tune that made us think of LA
oh what a disaster
In an asphalt park we wrote down the words
of the feelings we were after

I sing a line then you respond
Feel the noose of love then you’re gone

We took our act down to every bar and club
where the single scene would gather
But all the young boys couldn’t get enough
of your skin tight leather

So did you step out or did I misconstrue
now you need to explain
You held the rope when we tied the knot
now it’s not my way not my game

I sing a line...

I had a song to sing and you knew the words
that’s what kept me sane
Through years together all seamed good
but now it’s confusion and pain

I sing a line...

Sweet disaster
comes to soon

Mercy Call

I guess that’s an empty seat
With a wink there’s a game that I’ve bought into
I know that I’ll have to lie
If there’s anyway a hopeless man can get to you

You take them from A to Z
Then throw out the ones that you’ve grown tired of
But it’s gonna bother me
If the night resolves without finding true love

I know it’s a mercy call

Drinking with the unsung
Some speak of love but most just speak of need
Tripping on our own words
Where the winner is he who can take it or leave

Well it’s gonna bother me
That love fades out like roses after bloom
But given another chance
I can’t reconcile that I ‘d give up so soon

I know...

Well I’ve been blind while you’ve been mean
So all is fair , do you believe?

I know I’m a mercy call